About Stage Love Theater

Stage Love Theater's goal is to give an opportunity to up and coming artists to develop their craft in a supportive environment.  In addition, the company is currently in a process of collaborating with experts in different creative fields.  They will conduct acting, writing, drama, performance, as well as art and music workshops that will, eventually, develop into great showcases- produced by Stage Love! The workshops will be offered throughout New York City and Lower Westchester (NY) areas.  Our very first project was a drama therapy workshop that culminated into four powerful self-revelatory performances directed by a drama therapist, Lara Gold.   The show premiered in front a sold-out audience on December 15, 2015.

Currently, we are working with playwrights, directors, musicians and actors to put theatrical works that would help us develop new talent. Our New Theater-New Voices staged reading series in February, 2016 presented a brand new play by Elizabeth Kotite, Misty’s Plan.  Since then, the play has been accepted into one of the theater festivals, and it is currently in the process of being fully produced.  We are always looking for more submissions of interesting new works for our New Theater-New Voices staged reading series! All submissions are being accepted on a rolling basis.

Our very first BoomerRant Play Festival dedicated to baby boomers and older adults that took place in May 2016 was a huge success.  Submissions to this festival are being accepted on a rolling basis. We are also looking for submissions to our Cosmopolitan Play Festival dedicated to works with an international flair. Play submissions for both festivals are being accepted on a rolling basis.

Please send all your submissions, questions, as well as inquiries about leading and/or taking playwriting, storytelling, acting, drama/art/music therapy or other workshops—for both TEENS AND ADULTS in the New York City and Lower Westchester areas to milalevine@stagelovetheater.com.